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©The 51st*Star




Unpublished work, for the search and development of a logo,

to pay homage to the victims of Twin Towers in New York City

on 11 September 2001.


It includes :


n° 60 models


with monograms:


        NT@NYN  =  NewwinTowers@NewYorkNew

      NYN@TTN  =  NewYorkNew@TwinTowersNew


 The 51st*Star

rose in New York City on 11 September 2001.

Different from the other stars it symbolizes the victims of that terrorism.


It can be found in:


Or in :



The best recognition is The 51st*Star, to be included in the Flag

of the United States of America.


© The 51st*Star Copyright 2001 by Alessandro Pompeo  

Monograms and models have been registered.

The rights of total or partial translation, reproduction and adaptation by any means and on any support,

are reserved for all countries. Translation by Anna Maria Picchi.

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